We have a team of experts, include attorneys, professors, researchers and translators/ interpreters on top of our advisers and support staff such as legal assitants. We are the experts that are committed to provide legal, research and other services of international standards in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Our attorneys have experience in government, UN agencies and legal NGOs. SK & P Cambodia Law Group's team works in a democratic and friendly environment. The firm's major decisions are made by consensus, and all attorneys are encouraged to participate in firm governance.

Establishment and Team

  • We are established by Permission N0: 860 k.m of the Bar Association (2010)
  • Composition: Attorneys: 7, Legal Assistant(s): 3, Accountant & Administrative Assistant: 1, Research and training Consultants: 3, Translator and Interpreter : 1(3 languages: English-French-Khmer), and legal interns.
  • We have: full time and part-time attorneys, part time consultant and others as agents.

Social Responsibility

  • Referral of poor people who need legal aid to legal aid NGOs where possible
  • Legal Advise to poor clients : poor clients who approached us will be provided assistance by interns or young lawyers (started as of 2012)
  • Tobacco Control and Alcohol Control are part of our regular activities that we cooperate with non-profit NGOs, agencies and institutions (until 2018). 
  • SEATCA Project on tobacco control in Cambodia 2009 – 2011 (completed), however we still cooperate with SEATCA on case by case basis
  • Networking with international community such as SEATCA (regional) and Tobacco Free Kids (USA)
  • CTFK (USA NGO): June 2012-December, 2012
  • Advocacy: Bayon TV, ASEAT TV, Press Conference, National Radio
  • Awareness Raising through Vayo Radio talkshow under cooperation with the Bar Association of Cambodia
  • CTFK (USA NGO): June 2012-December, 2012
  • Cooperation: WHO in Cambodia, Ministry of Health and CMH
  • Legal Intern(s): to assist young people to build their skills
  • Brief for law students
  • As part of pro-bono activities, KEO Sokea, Director of SK & P Law Firm voluntarily serves as member of the Board of Directors of two NGOS: GADC (member) and ANNOC (Chairperson).

Cooperation and Collaboration with other Agencies and Experts

  • SK & P Law Firm is the only number one law firm in Cambodia that is specialised in public health. The firm closely cooperates with WHO, CMH (Cambodia Movement for Health) and Ministry of Health to undertake activities concerning tobacco control and alcohol control
  • Partners : (1) for child right training, Aibi (Italian Adoption Agency), (2) for consultation, Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. and (3) Rain Making Law Firm. 
  • SK & P Law Group has very close cooperation with other international lawyers such as Chinese lawyer who is based in Phnom Penh Capital. Our cooperation includes establishment of private company, business consultation, land purchase, due diligence on land, land and property lease, legal opinions concerning investment, among other things. We also have relationship with American lawyer who is based in Phnom Penh Capital.

Our clients' interests are paramount consideration in all our activities.

This is how we exist as a legal team.