Apart from our routine works such as litigations, legal representation, defending criminal cases, development and witnessing business agreements/contracts (loan agreements, lease agreement, immovable property sale agreements, share transfer agreements, etc), business protection arrangements (between real owner and owner by proxy in case foreigners own land and other properties in Cambodia), property protection (will, donation, trust), family law related activities (adoption, guardian appointment, divorce), issuance of legal opinions on sppecific subject matters (e.g. adoption, loan) and international business and private law related issues (hearing before immigration authorities, legal opinion for court abroad), legal consultation on business and family law (opening company, registration of company/organization, adoption, guardianship), below are selected activities of our law group.

These activities are limited to the information that we can share as we are professionally required to maintain confidentiality of our clients:


Resource Speaker during Press Conference

Phnom Penh University, July 14, 2015


Presentation by Attorney KEO Sophea during Workshop on Tobacco Control Law

Phnom Penh Municipality Hall, September 19, 2015


Youth Forum on Smoke Free

November 22, 2013, Phnom Penh


Youth Workshop on Tobacco Taxation

Phnom Penh September 03, 2013